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GoMyCode Unveils Groundbreaking Hackerspace in Abuja

GoMyCode, the leading technology education platform marked another milestone with the inauguration of its latest hackerspace in Abuja, Nigeria. This expansion solidifies GoMyCode’s footprint in Nigeria, with the company already boasting four established spaces in locations including Yaba, Ikeja, Festac and Lekki.

GoMyCode’s transformative mission to democratise tech education has already empowered over 20,000 students across nine countries, equipping them with critical digital skills. In Nigeria, this initiative dovetails with the government’s ambitious plan to generate employment opportunities for over a million Nigerian youth.

GoMyCode’s hackerspaces are expected to play a pivotal role in this vision, offering training that transforms young Nigerians into skilled professionals, ready to navigate the digital age.

Babatunde Olaifa, Country Head of GoMyCode, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We applaud the Nigerian Government’s commitment to countering youth unemployment through skills development. GoMyCode believes tech education is instrumental in molding the future workforce. Our aim is to activate the untapped potential of Nigerian youth, fostering innovation and driving economic growth.” 

This sentiment was echoed by Mr. Inyene Ibanga, Lead of Corporate and Communications at the Office for National Digital Innovation (ONDI), who emphasized the vital role hackerspaces play in bolstering Nigeria’s economy.

Two central themes underline the significance of the Abuja launch: Digital Skills development and Inclusivity. In today’s tech-driven world, digital competence is synonymous with employability. GoMyCode’s hackerspaces not only bridge the existing skills gap but also provide a vibrant community for tech enthusiasts to collaborate, innovate, and network. This synergistic environment stimulates knowledge exchange, fostering partnerships and creating job avenues.

In championing inclusiveness, GoMyCode is committed to bridging the gender disparity in tech. Their initiatives place particular emphasis on empowering women and children, ensuring they too have access to quality tech education and resources.

The enthusiasm surrounding GoMyCode’s latest venture was palpable during its Abuja launch. Attendees, ranging from parents to techpreneurs, lauded the company’s unique educational model that blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience.

In essence, GoMyCode’s Abuja hackerspace stands as a beacon for digital education, economic growth, and inclusivity in the digital era. This initiative promises to not only catalyze employment within Nigeria but also globally, championing a brighter, inclusive future for all.

For more information about GoMyCode and its courses, please visit https://gomycode.com/ng/courses/

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